Saturday, March 21, 2009

Asian Themed Quilt for Mom

This is a single-sized quilt that I made for my mom who lives in Georgia. Mom's entire house is Japanese-style decorating and I thought she would like this... and she did! Didn't have but a small amount of the motif fabric so I had to divide it up in order to make this quilt.
I tried to talk my mom into washing the quilt so it would look it would get that "puckered" look that I love... but she said she will press it after washing... oh well. Glad she liked it though.

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Mary R. said...

Oh my I wished I had a daughter That was making me a Asain quilt my bed room is donme in Asain and I would have loved to have a Quilt like that sweetie it is so beauithful....very nice and I know she loves it honey.....